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dog rescue

A dog rescue is a dog rescue, right? They’re all the same. 

Not necessarily. 

Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)3, non-profit, No Kill organization formed in the Council Bluffs, Iowa/Omaha, Nebraska area in 2014 by a small group of enthusiastic animal lovers... which has quickly grown into a very large group of enthusiastic animal lovers. 

We’re a particularly devoted (and fun) group of rescuers who go above and beyond to save the lives of all breeds of dogs.


Our goal, as our founder, Terri Larson puts it is... 

“to save every dog… everywhere.”

And while we may not ever be able to pull off that massive goal, we will do everything possible to strive for it, and it illustrates our attitude toward dog rescue.

dog rescue

We do everything we can, no matter what it takes, to save every dog possible and ensure they live out their lives in a permanent, safe, loving home.

With more than 195 combined years of rescue experience, we do some of the same things other rescues do, but we also go above and beyond to provide many next-level services and resources.

Muddy Paws is a Rescue - Not a Shelter

All of our dogs live in homes with volunteer foster families - often with other animals. Living in a home environment instead of a cage or kennel is less stressful for the dog, and goes a long way toward preparing them for family life.

We Accept Dogs of all Breeds, Sizes, and all Health Conditions

You can’t save every dog if you put limits on these types of things. Muddy Paws often accepts dogs in situations that many rescues will pass on. We routinely pay for expensive medical treatments for our dogs so they may have the highest quality, longest, and happiest life possible.

We Help People Keep Their Dogs Whenever Possible

If at all possible, we support families keeping their pets rather than surrendering them. In many cases, we’ve provided free training, support, and financial resources to these families to help them keep their pets happy and at home.

We Provide Free Consultation Services

On a case by case basis, we make free vetting and training resources available to families who need them.

Muddy Paws Supports Other Dog Rescues (Cats, too!)

Muddy Paws frequently provides financial, training, and support services to other rescues who need help or are struggling with certain aspects of running their rescue. And our support services aren’t limited to dog rescues, either. We’ve also helped cat rescues who need assistance numerous times.

Muddy Paws Believes in Collaboration and Networking - Not Competition

Unfortunately, many animal rescue organizations have an “us vs. them”mindset. At Muddy Paws, we believe in forming strong relationships with other rescues, shelters, and animal welfare organizations. It’s not about us. It’s about the animals.

So What is Muddy Paws Media?

Muddy Paws Media is the education, content, and new media arm of Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue.

Our goal is to provide educational content about rescue dogs, adoption, training, vetting, and rescues in general. You do not have to be in our local area to join our online community or to benefit from our educational content.

However, if you are in the Omaha, Nebraska area, we'd love to meet you in person.

To visit our main site,, click here.

You can see all of our currently available dogs here.

If you'd like to volunteer or​ foster one of our dogs, this page will get you started.

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