Support the Pups! The Official 2017 Muddy Paws Calendars Are Here


Did you know that pictures of pets are often the most popular, most shared items online? 

People love pictures of pets being cute.

Here's your chance to look at 12 high-quality pics of 12 irresistible pups all year long - and support the work of Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue at the same time.

And when you support Muddy Paws, you're playing a part in changing (sometimes saving) the lives of our dogs who are desperately searching for their forever homes.


For just $20, you get a calendar full of beautiful images of dogs that have come through our rescue and have since found their forever homes. Each photo also has a brief story of the dog featured in the photo.

If you'd like a copy or two (or three... who are we to stop you?), you can buy them while supplies last at any of our events or click below to email  us at... 

Hint: You'll want to do it sooner rather than later. They usually go fast!​

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